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Simply brilliant! Locating my region of interest used to consume most of my time in a typical imaging session. Now I let Correscopy find my sample instantly, so I can spend a 100% of my time acquiring images and pushing the boundaries of science.

dr Abhijeet Patra

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Correscopy is an incredibly very easy to use and effective solution for correlative imaging. In less than 2 hours, we were able to get images on the same sample area from 3 stand-alone microscopes: AFM, SEM and Tof SIMS, allowing correlation of the 3 imaging techniques. Something that we were not able to easily achieve up to now and that we will be providing as a service to our customers in the future

dr Yves Depuydt

Scientific Director, Tescan Analytics, France

Image correlation made by Correscopy is unbelievably simple and effective. No matter what type and age of the microscope is, the same structure can be imaged by an obsolete light microscope and a top-notch scanning electron microscope. Besides, it takes only a few extra seconds of work.

dr hab. Grzegorz Tylko

Assistant Professor Jagiellonian University, Poland

“I always thought that correlative imaging requires using modern, hi-tech microscopes. Correscopy proved me wrong, now I can use my antique analog electron microscope (Tesla BS 340 from 1989) along with other microscopes to do so. I can honestly recommend this product.”

dr Jagna Karcz

Senior Microscopy Specialist Univeristy of Silesia, Poland

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